The man on the wall

Of course some days it just doesn’t work. If you look at the statistics at the end you will see that I spoke to 83 people and didn’t get a single appointment.

Actually there were more than 83 but I lost one of the forms – well, not to put too fine a point on it, someone stole it. The thief seemed like an ideal prospect to begin with. He was friendly and chatty and answered all the questions but then everything started to go downhill.

“You’re not going to send me a lot of junk mail are you?”

– Why would you read it?


– That’s why there’s no point in sending it. Nobody reads junk mail. That’s why it’s called junk mail.

“Well you’ll bother me with phone calls then.

– If I rang you to tell you you’d won, would you be bothered?

“Well I don’t like it.”

– In that case I don’t think you would be suitable.

“Why wouldn’t I be suitable.”

– Well you sound like a skeptic to me – and we’re looking for open-minded people.”

“I am open-minded.”

– But you’re also skeptical.”

“Well yes, of course I am.”

– An open-minded skeptic, then?

“Well what’s wrong with that?”

It was at this point that he snatched the form out of my hand. I think it was a small price to pay for the chance of returning to the real world.

It had also taken up so much time that I could now return to my walk – and isn’t it interesting how things turn out…

We were walking back along the river (the dog and I) when I saw in the middle distance a man do something extraordinary. He had be standing on a back wall of a paved area with a bench. In front of him was the bench and then about two meters of empty space and then another low wall to stop children falling in the water while feeding the ducks. Suddenly this man leapt over the bench and landed with both feet on the other wall, steadied himself gracefully and then pirouetted and stepped down.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would  not have believed it. How had he not fallen in the river? Surely the momentum of jumping three meters…

I was still marveling when we came level with him.

“Good morning,” he said brightly.

I told him I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I asked him to do it again. Without a second thought he did. It was part of his training, he told me.

Training? What sort of training.

– Par Cours.

You mean running up walls and jumping off buildings?

– That’s it.

This was much more interesting than talking to the professional skeptic. I asked him what he did the rest of the time. He said he wrote articles for his website. It was about personal development. He was also a personal trainer.

Here’s what I said next: “That’s fascinating because I’m always looking for people like you – self-motivated, entrepreneurial people. Tell me if there was a way for you to earn an extra income using the skills you’ve got but without it affecting what you do at present, would that be something you might like to take a look at?”

We’re meeting for a coffee on Thursday. Where it will lead, I cannot say.

But I feel quite sure of one thing, I would rather have a cup of coffee with the man on the wall than the other fellow.


Date Venue Minutes People Forms Appointment Callback
16/12/14 Car Park 31 83 4 0 0


At Last! The Total Perspective Vortex

If you’ve ever been on one of my trainings, you will have heard me say that when I walk into someone’s house, there is a voice in the back of my head repeating: “Everyone says “yes”.

I don’t pay much attention to this voice because I am trying to push my ego through the door in front of me (my ego, I imagine as a huge yellow balloon which gets stuck on the way through).

By the time I get into the living room, I feel so good about myself that everyone else in the room wants a piece of what I’ve got.

…. you get the general idea…

So today it is with absolute horror that I have been introduced to the Total Perspective Vortex. Fans of The Hitch-hiker’s  Guide to the Galaxy will know about The Total Perspective Vortex. The Last thing a Network Marketer needs is The Total Perspective Vortex.

It works like this: You plug someone with an over-inflated ego into one end and you plug the whole of creation into the other. And when you switch it on, that insufferable big-head sees himself in relation to the entire universe – the infinite galaxies, the numberless suns… and finally appreciates his own insignificance.

Of course, in the case of The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the hero (anti-hero?) Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy, all round cool frood and the only sentient being ever to have survived a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster emerged from the experience to announce that it told him what he already knew: “What a really cool guy I am!”

And now you can experience the same: The Hubble Telescope took four months looking into the darkest, deepest reaches of space and this is what it came up with. Be warned: You will never feel the same about yourself again.


The exciting bits and the dull bits

The phone rang just as I was putting dinner on the table – it does that…

The recorded voice informed me that according to somebody’s records, I had been involved in a no-fault accident in the last 12 months and that I was entitled to compensation. If I would like to know how much compensation I might expect, I should press “5” now.

I pressed “5”.

… not because I thought I might get some compensation – or indeed because I had been involved in a no-fault accident (I don’t believe they had any records at all) – but because I like to talk to people in call centres.People in call centres make excellent prospects for your Network Marketing business. After all, what qualities do they need: Tenacity, a strong work ethic, the desire to make money. In fact they might as well have a sign on their forehead: “Tell me about Multi-Level Marketing. It must be a better way to earn a living…”

I had a call from one only this morning: “Had I ever worked in  a noisy environment?”

– Well, no, I can’t say I had – not especially. but the young man who was asking has now taken a brief look at my website and called me shortly after the “no-fault claim” recording (I was washing up by this time): He would look more fully when he got home but he just wanted my email address…

I mention all this because it is marginally more interesting than what else I did today. But I had better mention that as well because otherwise people will think I don’t actually go out and get appointments in the street any more. You can see the statistics below: 32 minutes; two appointments, one for tomorrow morning and one for October 10th. Interestingly the one for tomorrow was somebody who was already on my list. For these purposes, we shall call him John Smith. It wasn’t John Smith – in fact he had a fairly unusual name, so I was able to say: “Is that Colonel John Smith?”

He said it was. He sounded surprised.

“Well somebody recommended I should talk to you… who was it now….yes, it was Sheila Jones. I’m sure it was…. lives somewhere over towards Alderton… her husband died a couple of years ago…”

He knew exactly who I was talking about. He gave me an appointment – and when I got home, I checked my database and found that in September last year, I had spoken to him on the phone and put him down as “Maybe another time”.

Well, tomorrow is another time…

Venue/date Time Minutes Number  approached Appointment Callback
Car Park 1127-36 9 6
1136 – 1141 5 1 Yes
1141 – 1149 8 10 Yes
1149 – 1200 11 6  
Totals 33 23 2


Today’s statistics are a bit open-ended. I had gone into town to stop the house burning down:

Honestly: There on Facebook was a terrifying picture of exactly the cheap USB adapters I had bought online from the Far East. I remember being astonished at how little they cost – how could anyone make them for that price? Now it’s obvious: By leaving out all the safety features…

But the errand put me in the proximity of people and the proximity of people mean it’s Prize Draw trime.

The very first person I asked agreed to fill in the form.

Well actually he didn’t. He said: “No thank you” but he didn’t mean it. More to the point, he was standing waiting for his wife and so I just asked him again in a slightly different way(you can learn all these Network Marketing tricks at The Cold Market Academy – see the tab at the top of the page).

The second person also said “No” but then she agreed to give the money to an Arthritis charity, so she filled in the form too.

After that there was a little gap while nine people walked past without stopping but the tenth was in no hurry at all. She had come into town to keep her friend company. The friend had an interview and Bridget was just looking round the shops – and looking for a new job at the same time.

Five minutes later we were in Starbucks with two Mochas and cream – and I was playing her the company video on my Smartphone – and now we’re meeting again on the 18th when she’s been paid so we can sign her up.


Venue/date Time Minutes Number  approached Appointment Callback
Town Centre 1353 – 1355 2 1
1355 – 1356 1 1
1356 - ? 10 Yes
Totals ? 12 1


The Apron

The apron says: “Today Started Without Me”. I inherited it from my father and I like to think that it refers to him in the morning, not me.

However I was still wearing it when I went out to see the prospect (I can be forgiven for this because I only needed to go as far as the drive). The prospect was a young man who had come delivering a leaflet about his wife’s fitness classes.

Now I have learned that people who are busy promoting their own business – especially a new one – do not necessarily welcome the idea of abandoning it to start in Network Marketing. So I asked the young man what he did. His answer made me wish I had taken off the apron: He was a Sergeant in the British Army – and a highly decorated one, I now realise.

But this morning he had five minutes so I sat him down in my office and played him three-and-a-half minutes of video, took his details and sent him on his way – he still had a pile of leaflets to deliver and I had a phone call to make.

But as he left, he said: “I’ll call you. I really will. It sounds interesting.”

Having just looked him up on Google, I realise what an impressive young man he is – and what an asset he would be to the team.

Do you think someone like that would be put off by an old man wearing an apron saying: “Today Started Without Me”?

*For more tips on Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing in the Cold Market, see the Cold Market Academy tab at the top of the page.

Getting it wrong, getting it right.

We all look at the top people and say: “Ah, if only I did it right all the time like them…”

But guess what, the top people don’t always do it right. In fact today I got it wrong twice.

The first time was when a middle aged man pushed a free magazine through the door. I happened to be on the other side of the door at the time so it seemed only polite to open it.

Now I’m a middle-aged man myself (yes I am) and so we had something in common and the next thing you know he was in my office watching the company video. In the conversation that followed he was interested in making extra money but doubted he could do it because he didn’t know much about computers.

So why did I assure him that the company would supply him with a tablet and that I would teach him to use it…. and then send him away to look at the website!

The next mistake was while walking the dog down to town. One of the live-aboard boats moored at the quay had a box of Grolsch beer bottles for sale at 75p each (empty, I might add). The owner explained that this was the children’s money-making idea: “We don’t give them pocket money.”

– Great idea: Make entrepreneurs of them from the start.


– And what do you do?

“I’ve got an  IT business.”

– Really! So you’re and entrepreneur too. In fact you might be just the person I’m looking for. Tell me, if there was a way for you to earn an extra income without it affecting your IT business, is that something you might like to take a look at?

“Basic explanation?”

At this point the Back of the Head Alarm sounded and a Klaxton between the ears announced: “No explanation! No explanation! Full presentation only! Reschedule! Reschedule!”

Unfortunately by now  the mouth was now on autopilot: “You show people how to save money on their household bills and then you make money. It’s brilliant.”

“Thanks but not interested.”

This did not bode well – particularly since the reason I was there was because I was on my way to town and – apart from going to the bank and taking the trousers with the chocolate on them to the cleaners – I was supposed to be getting some leads for a keen but shy distributor who is trying to get one more customer in time for our big convention in a week’s time.

As you will see from the statistics below two people in half an hour agreed to see my team-member – and one has taken a brochure with a view to becoming a distributor herself.

So the figures are: Messed up Two.Got it right:   Three.

Or in other words you can afford to get it wrong some of the time…as long as you do it enough to get it right some of the time.

Location Time Minutes Number approached Appointment Callback
Car Park 05.09.14 1320 -1325 5 5 1  
  1325 – 1345 20 47   1
  1345 – 1350 5 2 1  
Total   30 54 2 1

To learn how to do this, see the Cold Market tab at the top of the page.


One of the great things about writing a blog is the comments you get – one of them was from an Englishman living in the USA, Paul G. Walmsley. He said some nice things and gave me a link to his book. It was called “Hello to Yes in 3 Minutes or Less” – which by anybody’s standards is a great title for someone in Network Marketing.

I followed the links and ended up on the Amazon website. By the time I had bought the book and paid the transatlantic shipping, I was down about £24 (getting on for $35.)

Some people may consider paying $35 for a book an extravagance. Such people do not have a Multi-Level Marketing business – or at the very least, they are not taking it seriously.

How much do you spend on dinner in your favourite restaurant? What would you pay for a new pair or running shoes? Try putting a value on a shovel if you had a gold mine at the bottom of your garden…

So I paid the money and I have since recommended the book to Knowledge Is King which is the UK network marketer’s online bookstore of choice. For the fact is that there were two nuggets I got out of that book which I have not seen anywhere else – and I’m sure Paul G. will not mind my paraphrasing them here (especially if you go on to buy his book).

So here they are: The Golden Nuggets from “Hello to Yes in 3 minutes or less” (there’s the second plug):

Imagine you are playing tennis. It’s you to serve. You step up to the base line,  bounce the ball twice, toss it high (but not too high) swing your racquet back, weight on the front foot and POW, the ball takes off like a missile, fizzing with topspin, it’s no more than knee high as your opponent begins to lunge for it but too late! The smack of the impact into the back fence can be heard in the pavilion. 15:0.

You allow yourself a grim smile and move to the other side of the court. You bounce the ball twice…

You do it again. Another ace! 30:0.

Now imagine you do this again and again with every serve.  Then, when your turn comes to receive, you smack every return into the last inch of the court. You win in straight sets. Your opponent has not scored a single point.

Now imagine the same thing happens in your next match – and the one after that…how long would you keep playing? Where’s the fun if winning is so easy?

Now translate this to your daily calls. You have your list. How would it be if every person you spoke to said “Yes” straight away. No questions, no three-way calls, no “Let’s get together for a cup of coffee…” just “Yes”.

Now here’s the question: What’s the difference between that and taking orders in a call center for minimum wage?

Well, of course the difference is that the Network Marketer does not earn a minimum wage. The Network Marketer earns a income that would make the call center operative’s eyes water. But that’s the point, isn’t it. It’s worth making the calls.

Making calls is not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to take skill and patience and the ability to keep stepping up to the line and giving it your best shot even though, time after time, your opponent continues to slam the return past your ear.

Until suddenly – to your astonishment – to the surprise of your opponent and also of those spectators who had rather given up paying attention and started discussing the Chairman’s inappropriate friendship with the Hon Secretary, you suddenly win a point!

Because no matter how bad you may think you are, you will always, one day, win a point. Maybe your opponent has an off day, is distracted by the sun or a sneeze in the crowd …maybe you just got better…

… and in just the same way, someone will always say “Yes”.

Maybe we all get too obsessed with the idea of success. Maybe we should take a little time to relish the challenges we meet on the way – after all, without that, where would be the sense of achievement?

Holiday Money

Well this is a first: posting from a smartphone in the departure lounge at Stansted Airport while the family go shopping.

I went to get the money (they have Kuna in Croatia – I never knew that. Last time we were on the company cruise and isolated from money).

So where in all this does Network Marketing come into the story?

The man counting out the notes was very cheerful so I suggested that it might have something to do with handling large some of money – and he said it would if it all went into his bank account!

So that’s how the conversation got round to making money and the choices you get when you don’t have to work for it any more.

There was nobody in the queue so I told him how shocked I had been to be turned down for a job paying £22,000 a year – and how I had been forced out of the job market into the world if the entrepreneur…and how that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

We had quite a chat. I wonder now whether it will turn out to have been a life- changing chat?

Don’t forget to check out the Cold Market Academy tab for more top tips.


Before mentioning that I am going to be Network Marketing on the move later today and visiting IKEA, I thought I had better look it up to see if people would know what I was talking about. Would you believe that the furniture store with the absurd names and the incomprehensible instructions is now represented in more than 50 countries from Lithuania to Costa Rica. As far as I can see the only places it doesn’t have a presence are a few in equatorial Africa.

So, it is safe for me to say that my 16-year-old has promised to tidy his bedroom if I go there tomorrow to buy him some decent wardrobes. The Handyman is coming on Wednesday to put them together (see reference to instructions) – and only yesterday did I bother to see whether everything would fit in the car.

That’s right, at less than 24 hours notice I realised that some of the boxes will be 236 cms long  – and although our stalwart people carrier has transported an entire fridge/freezer in its time, I have never attempted anything a big as this.

Which is why I was looking for a van hire company. I was sure I’d seen on on the by-pass. However, when when I arrived I found nothing but second hand cars for sale.

“Isn’t there a van hire depot round here somewhere?” I asked the young man sitting behind the desk with a computer, a telephone and an air of complete boredom. He came to life immediately as all the best salespeople do when suddenly confronted with a potential customer. But no, he did not know of anywhere hiring vans.

I was about to leave when I remembered I am supposed to be recruiting four new distributors this week. I turned back as I was about to leave (Columbo couldn’t have done it better).

“Just a thought,” I said. “But I’m always on the lookout for good salespeople who would like to earn an extra income alongside their regular job. I don’t suppose that would be you would it?”

“Extra income?” he said, perking up instantly. “Certainly!”

“Okay. Have you got five minutes? I just need to get something from the car.”

I then parked the car properly and returned with my tablet computer which I placed on the desk in front of him and we both sat and watched the country’s best-loved retired celebrity explaining what we do.

“Does that sound good?” I asked my new friend.

– Certainly does.

“Do you reckon you know some people who would go for that?

– Lots.

“Right then, now I’ll show you how you get paid. This takes three minutes.”

And I played him the animated video of the compensation plan.

“Does that sound good?”

– Certainly does.

“So would ;you like to join us.”

-Yes please.

Two minutes later he was a distributor. I was in and out within fifteen minutes – and that included a phone call to introduce him to another member of the team who’s going to look after him for the first couple of weeks.

What gets me is that if I hadn’t been looking for a van this would never have happened – and that is why I am absolutely sure that this afternoon the whole venture with be crowned with success – and I will indeed find 236 cms of load space.

I’ll let you know how I get on…

Meanwhile for more examples of how to talk to strangers, see the tab above.

Hugh Hefner or Noel Coward?

I’m not sure whether my oldest son is Hugh Hefner or Noel Coward. He seems to live in his pyjamas. Yesterday I took him to his friend’s house for a night of Warhammer in his pyjamas. This morning I went to collect him at 9.15 a.m. so he would have time to get out of them for the first time in 36 hours and go to work behind the checkout at the Garden Centre.

(Yes, I know he should be building his own Network Marketing business instead – or at least as well as – entering the world of employment. But it’s his choice and he chooses not…)

When I arrived I found he was, of course, not up yet.

The friend’s father, a customer in the said MLM business, offered to make me a cup of tea. Of course I accepted since I would earning a little something from the electricity used to boil the kettle. While this was going on, the talk turned to exam results and how his 18-year-old now needed to find a job for six months in order to go off travelling before university. We discussed the pay scales in garden centres and restaurants (my 16-year-old works in a restaurant).

It was only on the way home that it suddenly dawned on me that I had not mentioned the perfect solution. After all the pay scales in Network Marketing are the same for everyone – whatever their age. Also, the young man would continue to receive an income while he was away – and come to that, while he was at university. In fact, not to put too fine a point on it, the new opportunity brochure my company has just published includes a testimonial from someone who started as a student…

No sooner had I waved my own young employee off to his day’s work than I jumped straight back in the car and returned to the friend’s house. The boy’s mother answered the door. I explained the earlier conversation with her husband. I gave her a copy of the brochure, adding: “There’s a bit in the back about a student…”

(It seemed politic not to mention that the student did so well as a Network Marketer that he chose to drop out of university.)

She fingered the brochure. She looked at the first page – and then, with what I took to be genuine enthusiasm, she said: “D’you know, I hadn’t thought of that. That is an idea… thank you very much.”


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Honestly now, would you ignore their plight or would you volunteer the number of your own plumber.
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