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Needs Must

With my company’s current promotion and my plans for next week, the pressure was on: I have to get one more customer by Saturday.
I tried our handyman who came to ease a couple of doors and put up a shower rail – he’d heard all about it before. But still, he listened politely once again – but what with one thing and another it wasn’t for him.
So, with the deadline looming, there was nothing for it: I had to hit the street with the Win a Mini forms.
Now, regular readers of this blog will know all about this – how I hang around the corner of the car park asking people if they want to win a Mini or £10,000. In fact some regular readers may be thinking they can’t imagine anything worse.
But it’s all down to how much you want something. If you want something enough, you’ll be prepared to do what it takes.
One or two people agreed to enter the draw. Several didn’t. Some walked past without even looking.
Then more walked past without even looking. I began to think I was doing something wrong. I started counting the number of people who said “no” to entering my free prize draw. I made little marks on the corner of the form – four marks and then a line across for five… then another five… and another.
When I got to 15 without a single person wanting to enter the draw, I decided that if reached 20 I would pack up and go home.
I reached 20.
The trouble with that was that if I went home now, I would go without an appointment and miss out on the promotion. I decided to stay. I reasoned that not everybody could possibly say no. If I stood there long enough and invited every single person to enter my prize draw then the law of averages demanded that someone would say ‘yes’.
So I asked the 21st person – and, guess what? They did say ‘yes’!
In fact they gave me an appointment.
And so did the 22nd.
In fact I went home after an hour in the car part with three appointments – two of them before the weekend… and out of two, surely one would join!
It was only when I got home and found out how far they lived from Kettering where I would be having breakfast on Thursday that I realised I would have to try and reschedule for the afternoon. But when I rang them, they explained very politely that they had been about to ring me: Thursday was no good. They would have the decorators in. Could we make it the following week?
I was back to the uncertain single appointment. I couldn’t risk that. So today I repeated the process.
But this time it was different. This time I knew that I would get the appointment I needed. I knew it with a burning certainty because all I would have to do was just keep on asking people – and I had two hours if I needed it.
And it’s a funny thing about certainty but it accelerates your outcome. This is what happened.
I was in the car park for 35 minutes. I spoke to 12 people. Five of them agreed to enter the prize draw – and four of those gave me appointments – and one of them for Thursday!

Enough People Looking

The trouble with getting used to something is you forget that it may not seem usual to other people. And so, within a minute of putting down the phone, I am going to recount the conversation that just took place.
Here is the background: The travel insurance needs renewing and currently we only have European cover. But the company is taking us to Las Vegas in April so some changes need to be made. The process took only five minutes – the terms and conditions which I was forced to listen to and approve took about ten!
Then the agent said: “Thank you very much Mr Passmore. Have a good holiday.”
I said: “Thank you very much. By the way who have I been speaking to?”
(He had a rather unusual name and so for the sake of anonymity, I shall call him Jim.)
I continued: “Thanks for that Jim. I must say it can’t be easy reading all that without it sounding bored. I think you must be very good at your job. I hope they apprecieate you…”
He laughed: “Well I don’t know about that.”
“Come to think of it,” I continued as if the thought had just occurred to me. “I’m always on the lookout for good communicators – and clearly you’re a good communicator. Tell me, are you in the market for more time, more money – or possibly both?”
Quick as a flash he came back with: “Both!”
Well I run a business part time – that is to say I get paid a full time income for it but I only work part time – and I’m always looking for good communicators. If the money was good enough, do you think you could find a couple of hours a week?”
“Certainly I could.”
“OK then, what I suggest is that you look at a website and see what you like best. I’ll text you the details. What’s your mobile number… and how soon are you going to be able to review the information on there?”
He said he would do it as soon as he finished at 5.00 p.m. but that may not be convenient for me so we’re going to talk again after 8.00 p.m.
Maybe he will join me and build up a part-time income of his own. Maybe he won’t – I don’t know. But it doesn’t much matter – it’s another person looking and all you need to succeed in Network Marketing is enough people looking.

What’s it all about?

This is the diary of a successful Multi-Level Marketer making money from home and fitting a part-time business into a busy life.
Over the years it has developed but the objective remains the same: To demonstrate how anyone can build a successful network marketing business in "the nooks and crannies of the day".
Eventually this spawned a training programme which I called The Cold Market Academy. This began as a seminar available only to MLM-ers working with my company. Then it went online as an e-learning course.
Now it is a book available through Amazon: MLM, Network Marketing and the Secret of the Free Prize Draw (you can see more about this on the "MLM Prize Draw" tab above.)
But at the heart of the Network Marketing Blog is the answer to the two most common questions people ask when they look at this business - and the two biggest challenges they face when they start:
1. I'm not a salesperson.
2. I don't have the time.
These are genuine concerns and all too often they get brushed aside: "Don't worry about that. We'll show you how..."
This blog is designed to show how it works in reality and in real time - how anyone, no matter how busy, can work their business consistently in small fragments of time. Because that's all you need; just a few seconds to find out if someone's interested.
And please bear in mind the entries here are only a tiny snapshot of the daily activity. Most of what goes on would make very dull reading indeed: Making calls from the list ... adding names to the list...making calls from the list...
As for being a salesperson: Have a look and decide for yourself.
Is it sales?
Let's say you call on a friend unexpectedly and find them up to their ankles in water and battling with a burst pipe.
Imagine it: There they are, soaked to the skin, trying to wrap a towel round the leak while they shout: "I rang the plumber but all I get is the Ansaphone..."
Honestly now, would you ignore their plight or would you volunteer the number of your own plumber.
Would you do what you could to help them or would you consider that going into "sales" on behalf of the plumber would be beneath you?
And what would your friend say when they realised you had deliberately chosen to leave them struggling to stem the flow and all because you felt embarrassed about "selling" something.
Network marketing is all about spreading good news and it's all about helping people.

If you're thinking of getting into Network Marketing - or already in it but not making enough money - contact me at

About Me

John Passmore,
United Kingdom.

For 25 years I was a newspaper reporter - ending up as Chief Correspondent for the London Evening Standard. Then I gave it all up and, with my wife, set out to live the simple life on a small boat while writing a column for the Daily Telegraph. Five years and two children later we moved ashore - and five years and another two children after that I ran out of money. Nobody wanted to give me a job and I couldn't afford to start a conventional business. Then at a craft fair in our local community hall, somebody showed me network marketing. It was described as a home-based business that would provide anyone with a second income if they were prepared to work for it. I was sceptical. There were claims of high earnings and something called a "residual income". But what if it did work? And besides what alternative did I have? So I threw myself into it wholeheartedly (which is the only way to succeed at anything). I'm not saying it was easy or there were never moments of doubt but if you're prepared to learn and determined never to give up, then there is a statistical certainty that you will make money. I started in April 2005. I was broke and embarrassed. Today I have no money worries whatsoever.