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Adding to the list

When my sponsor showed me Network Marketing back in 2005, he didn’t take my name.

He didn’t ask for a card or punch my details into his cellphone.

In fact if I had never picked up the phone and called him, the last nine years would have been very different (and I don’t even want to think about how the next nine would be looking…)

It is always best to collect names and phone numbers – to build the list. But yesterday was different. Yesterday was the County Show: 60,000 people, horses, cows, sheepdogs – and the rest.

The rest is incredible. If you’re a city dweller and you’ve never been to a County Show, you really should go: Part trade fair, part funfair they have everything from the Pig Olympics to a woman with nothing but a basket of lemons and lemon squeezer turning out cups of citron pressé.

I went with my eleven-year-old to eat and look at cars – and at every stall I was able to say: “Is this your business?” and “Have you come far?” and “Do you do a lot of shows?” and anything else that could lead me to say: “Do you now what, I have a colleague who does what you do. Tell me, if there was a way for your to earn an extra income without it affecting your business – in fact I think it would even complement your business – is that something you might like to take a look at?”

Sometimes I would get a card in return but in the case of the hog roast man or the woman with citron pressé, the queue made that impossible. I probably gave out fifty cards and got no more than half a dozen in return. But hey, it was a day off. We were supposed to be enjoying ourselves and sitting in an Audi R8 V10.

But then, at the end of the day, we fetched up in Halford’s the cycle store. It had to be Halfords because not only was Hugo’s new bike heavily discounted but they give my company’s customers a 5% discount and I have to be able to show people that. Of course by this time I was so used to giving out cards that I gave another three to the staff in there.

And here”s where it’s all leading. Opposite Halfords is the shop where we bought a wetsuit for my daughter – only to find that her best friend has one exactly the same. Obviously Lottie’s had to go back.

The young man on customer services got a card. He looked at it. He said: “What’s this?”

Throughout the entire day – the 50 cards, the quick conversations – nobody had said that. But it had been a long day. We still had to collect Son Number Two from athletics. It would have been so easy to say: “Look at the website”. But sometimes in MLM you just have to go back to work…

I pulled out the phone and started pressing buttons. We’ll be talking again at precisely 1.00 p.m. on Monday. By then he has promised he will have reviewed the information on the website.

… and if anybody else has done the same, well that’s a bonus.


*For advice on how to find new people to talk to and what to say to them, see The Cold Market Academy tab at the top of the page.

10 Reasons Why Your Mom Said “No” to your Network Marketing/MLM business

1. Why can’t you get a proper job? Mrs Morrison at Number 23, her son has ever such a nice job. Wears a suit…

2. Your Uncle Frank started one of them pyramid things. Lost all his money, he did. Out on the street they were – and Deirdre with them three kiddies…

3. It’s a cult.

4. Started your own business! Stuff and nonsense! Your father never started his own business!

5. I said it would end in tears – soon as you took up with that Christine Wossername. You could have been a doctor you could. I always said…

6. Well it all looks very nice dear but I like to know where I’m placed.

7. Maybe next year –  if I’m spared…

8. We’ll hear no more about it. Now eat your Cocopops.

9. Who d’you think you are? Richard Branson?

10 Why don’t you open a shop? You could have your name over the door. Haberdashery’s lovely.

Falling into place after 137,000 miles

My Mini has done 137,000 miles. I’ve just spent £250 on the water jacket and the coil. Before that it was £900 for a new head gasket. This is infuriating – particularly since BMW have brought out the new model – but there really seems no point in changing now: It will have to go all the way to 200,000 miles.

The Mini is provided by my Network Marketing company: Reach a certain level in the business, put in a certain amount of activity and they give you a brand new BMW Mini all decked out with logos and your phone number. Some of the more attractive members of the team have found that it’s a great way of stoking up their love life (people dial the number on the back and leave a messages: “Our eyes met across the forecourt…”

People like me, on the other hand, get: “I saw the writing on your back window about getting a monthly income forever. You keep driving like that and you won’t live ’til next week!”

Of course there are some people who don’t want the Mini: One team member said she wouldn’t be able to keep her golf clubs out of sight in the back and another asked: “Why should I want a Mini when I can have a Saab?”

Neither of these people, I should add, have progressed past the second rung of the ladder – but that’s their choice.

I’m on the third rung from the top and I love the Mini!

In particular I loved it yesterday when the Satnav directed me not into our training venue but instead into Tesco’s car park. Never mind, I needed the cash machine.

On the way to it was the inevitable Automobile Association saleswoman. I always like to talk to these people, they make great distributors but at the time, she was busy with a customer.

But on the way back from the cash machine, it was she who hailed me: “I saw your car and I’ve been on the lookout for one for ages. I met one of your people some time ago but then I was doing well and said no and now I want to ring them I can’t find their card. These days things aren’t so good and now might be the right time. Can you tell me all about it?”

Well no, actually. For one thing I had a room full of new distributors arriving at any moment and secondly, we don’t tell anyone anything any more. It makes far more sense for them to educate themselves by looking at the website or the DVD or dialling into the information line. That way they’ll believe it.

So we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether she she believes it. In the meantime she demonstrated how good she would be by saying: “By the way are you a member of the AA?

I pulled out my card. “Oh,” she said. “A Gold Member…”

Some days things just fall into place…


People who have been watching the video of my pop-up prize draw have been amazed at how quickly people stop to talk to me – and then amazed again at the fact that these total strangers really do agree to me going to see them at home for an assessment.

And I suppose when you think about it… it is amazing.

This is because all over the world there are Network Marketing recruits who join with high hopes and write out a list of all the people they know – only to find that a significant percentage of their friends and family want to think about it.

You can understand how frustrating it must be: You have to ring your cousin Bernie five times before he agrees to to see you. Then he cancels three times and finally says he’ll get back to you.

…and yet I stand in the street with my silly grin and my old man’s hat and the fifth person I ask stops to fill in the form and then, without a second thought, gives me an appointment.

But it doesn’t amaze me, I assume it”s going to happen because Multi-Level Marketing – or as they call it MLM – really does work.

Nor always of course…

Last Tuesday a struggling distributor from Norwich drove for an hour to join me on the street in Ipswich (in exactly the same spot where we filmed the video). In half an hour I asked 100 people if they wanted to enter my prize draw and not one of them did. I think me colleague was rather disappointed. I just went shopping.

But then yesterday I was in town paying in the charity cheques from Tamsin’s latest marathon. I got the sticky front door key re-cut and I was just about to hop back on the bike to get the distilled water for the iron when I thought I ought to do a bit of prize draw. But I didn’t have time. I had to be back  for the courier delivering the new iPhone.

I’ll just do five minutes, I decided. Five minutes can’t hurt.

I wrote 1249 on the form. I told the first two people walking past what they could win and they both kept on walking.

Then the third stopped. We were awfully close to the greengrocers and I wondered if we should move away but surely the greengrocer would say something if he minded. So we filled in the form. I asked my four questions and we put all the ticks in the right boxes. It took me the usual 38 seconds to deliver my Magic Minute and we agreed an appointment for Monday.

At this point, I should add, I adopted my new Cement Sentence (students of the Cold Market Academy know all about the Cement Sentence). Lately I’ve been trialling this:

“Now I’m very reliable so I will be outside your door at two O’clock on the 19th and if, unexpectedly, the earth should open up and swallow me, you can be sure that the last thing I will do is call you and say I can’t make it.”

… and she laughed. Then I delivered the clincher:

“Could I ask you to do the same?”

We shook hands and went on our way. I wrote on the top of my form “1253”

The whole process had taken just four minutes.

… a lot less than it takes to set up an iPhone for someone who can’t remember their iCloud password…

End of the paper trail

If you look back through this blog you will see that there was a time when I tried the “paper trail” approach to Network Marketing. I got myself five clear plastic wallets and on a Sunday night I would load them up with cards, leaflets, fliers, DVDs…you name it: Every piece of marketing material my company offered. In each wallet there were 50 opportunities for people to look at my business.

And then I went out every day and emptied a wallet. It was a progression from the “50-a-day” idea. I think this one was invented by a printer. The idea was that you ordered 5,000 business cards – at a discount of course – and gave out 50 a day for 100 days. You just walked up and down the street handing them out: “Here you are, this is for you… you’ll be needing this… take  a look at this, it’s about money…”

The trouble was that, having reached the end of the street, if you retraced your steps, you found yourself walking over a carpet of your own discarded business cards.

But if giving out business cards doesn’t work, why is one of the most successful distributors in my company famous for the number of cards he gives out? Sometimes he’ll turn up on Facebook saying he’s going on holiday and packing “two boxes of cards…three boxes of cards…”?

How come it works for him?

The answer we get when we ask this question is very often: “Well that’s just him.”

And certainly if you met him you would know what people mean: A former bricklayer and ex-policeman he is now earning well over six figures and pushing inexorably towards the £1,000,000-a-year milestone.

So why is it that what works for him does not necessarily work for the rest of us?

The other day, I think I found the answer.

Turning up in my inbox was the following:

Good morning Mr. Passmore,

With regard to serving and meeting you on Sunday at the garden centre, I have had a look at your website. There are some positive testimonials, and your kind manner does suggest it is a good place to work for. I am curious as to what possible job opportunities you might offer me.

I would be happy of course to submit a CV or answer any queries you might have.

Kind regards…

Notice that he did not mention the card I gave him. Also the “positive testimonials” were only a qualifier for what I like to think was his main point: My kind manner…

I love this. Here is a young man who knows nothing about me. He does not know that I am self-centred, opinionated, given to fits of temper and incapable of listening to anyone for more than 30 seconds without interrupting or contradicting. I have been called impatient and particular to the point of paranoia. I suffer neither fools nor people who are even the tiniest bit cleverer than me … and if you were trapped in a burning building with me, you would jump first.

But in spite of all this, something I said to the young man who sold me the new doormat has prompted him to come and see me on ‘Thursday morning.

It must be something I said – I’m always trying out different things to say – and what I’m saying at the moment is this: When someone hands me a receipt, I say: “Thank you …and I’ll give you one of my happy cards. I always give one to cheerful people – especially if they’re in sales. Have a look. It’s all about money.”

And as far as I  remember that was pretty much all there was to it.

Either the Law of Averages is working in my favour or I must be mellowing…

* And thank you, by the way for reading thus far. In California somewhere there is a computer which has been timing you and you have just helped the blog up the rankings. There was an occasion – not much more than a month ago – when we were on the front page of Google; but then the web designer’s twins had chicken pox and he got behind. What he was supposed to be doing was putting my new book “Network Marketing in the Cold Market” onto the site as a download (click the advertisement on the right). However he got so far behind and I was receiving so many emails from MLM-ers wanting to know when it would be ready, that the last thing I needed was a prominent internet presence.

Now, however, the sales site “The Cold Market Academy” is all ready (complete with a free gift  – which is what you have to offer, apparently). And this means the start of the long haul back to page one (we were on page 10 last time I looked). You can help by reading the posts – and I can help by writing more of them. So you will be seeing regular updates over the coming days – and hopefully news about the progress of my new team-member from the garden centre.

and, of course, my newly-mellowed personality…

What’s it all about?

This is the diary of a successful Multi-Level Marketer making money from home and fitting a part-time business into a busy life.
Over the years it has developed but the objective remains the same: To demonstrate how anyone can build a successful network marketing business in "the nooks and crannies of the day".
Eventually this spawned a training programme which I called The Cold Market Academy. This began as a seminar available only to MLM-ers working with my company. Then it went online as an e-learning course.
Now it is a book available through Amazon: MLM, Network Marketing and the Secret of the Free Prize Draw (you can see more about this on the "MLM Prize Draw" tab above.)
But at the heart of the Network Marketing Blog is the answer to the two most common questions people ask when they look at this business - and the two biggest challenges they face when they start:
1. I'm not a salesperson.
2. I don't have the time.
These are genuine concerns and all too often they get brushed aside: "Don't worry about that. We'll show you how..."
This blog is designed to show how it works in reality and in real time - how anyone, no matter how busy, can work their business consistently in small fragments of time. Because that's all you need; just a few seconds to find out if someone's interested.
And please bear in mind the entries here are only a tiny snapshot of the daily activity. Most of what goes on would make very dull reading indeed: Making calls from the list ... adding names to the list...making calls from the list...
As for being a salesperson: Have a look and decide for yourself.
Is it sales?
Let's say you call on a friend unexpectedly and find them up to their ankles in water and battling with a burst pipe.
Imagine it: There they are, soaked to the skin, trying to wrap a towel round the leak while they shout: "I rang the plumber but all I get is the Ansaphone..."
Honestly now, would you ignore their plight or would you volunteer the number of your own plumber.
Would you do what you could to help them or would you consider that going into "sales" on behalf of the plumber would be beneath you?
And what would your friend say when they realised you had deliberately chosen to leave them struggling to stem the flow and all because you felt embarrassed about "selling" something.
Network marketing is all about spreading good news and it's all about helping people.

If you're thinking of getting into Network Marketing - or already in it but not making enough money - contact me at

About Me

John Passmore,
United Kingdom.

For 25 years I was a newspaper reporter - ending up as Chief Correspondent for the London Evening Standard. Then I gave it all up and, with my wife, set out to live the simple life on a small boat while writing a column for the Daily Telegraph. Five years and two children later we moved ashore - and five years and another two children after that I ran out of money. Nobody wanted to give me a job and I couldn't afford to start a conventional business. Then at a craft fair in our local community hall, somebody showed me network marketing. It was described as a home-based business that would provide anyone with a second income if they were prepared to work for it. I was sceptical. There were claims of high earnings and something called a "residual income". But what if it did work? And besides what alternative did I have? So I threw myself into it wholeheartedly (which is the only way to succeed at anything). I'm not saying it was easy or there were never moments of doubt but if you're prepared to learn and determined never to give up, then there is a statistical certainty that you will make money. I started in April 2005. I was broke and embarrassed. Today I have no money worries whatsoever.