IMG_1106Considering this blog is all about Network Marketing, you might wonder why there is no mention of my company. After all wouldn’t this be a great recruiting tool? But that’s not really the purpose. Also, if there was a link to my website, I would have to submit every post to the  marketing department for approval – and I spent so many years in newspapers fighting to get my copy past the lawyer that I just can’t face going through that again.





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21 Responses to “Contact”

  • Hi John
    I have been reading your blogs for the last few months ! Have they made a difference yes they have to my head! I used to get disillusioned when people used to say no I now look forward to the one that says yes and don’t get upset when people say no to me anymore in fact; in someways I feel sorry for all those people that say no!

    I have in the last three month been signing up one customer a month now this last week I signed up three! Looking forward to tomorrow to see if this week can I sign up 4 or even 5 – to be honest I will be happy if I sign up 1.
    Sometimes I think I try too hard to convince people and other times I wonder if I am not trying hard enough, I have learnt that once they see the light signing up is easy.
    Quite pleased with myself and hoping I can achieve as much as you have in time.
    I have spoken to you on the phone once and to be honest I felt quite inadequate when we finished the call and the experience really did not help but hey your blog works for me. Thank you for your help getting my head straight.

    Best wishes, Michael

  • Malcolm Noon:

    Hi John,
    Bought your cd on Thursday and it was delivered today Saturday, thanks for your prompt service and for making this material available, I found it very inspirational and motivating.
    Will you please put me on your waiting list for Cold-Market Academy, I stumbled across your blog the other day and I have to say brilliant it was a real shot in the arm to keep going in the business and it’s my intention to try out some of your ideas soon as I am struggling with my so called warm market.
    Thanks again John and I hope to see you at express day.

  • Hi John
    I bumped into a colleague, Jacqui Rock, in Costas in Southbourne. She was doing a martini to prospective contact. We got chatting afterwards and she told me to have a look at your blog.

    It is absolutely brilliant. Do you plan to run more Cold-Market Academies?

    This business amazes me how people are so generous with their time and knowledge. Thank you, you have given me some great ideas.

    Best Regards


  • Hi John,

    I have listened to your CD several times and if I am not out prospecting then I am reading your blog.

    You do what exactly what I do, or sometimes what I should do!

    We did briefly speak in the queue at Express Day 2012 on the Saturday and I have signed up for the Cold Market Academy in Gloucetser on May 27th.

    Please keep the blog going. I find it very inspirational and motivating.



  • Hi John,

    I have been in this business for a couple of years but not really done anything with it The time is now right for me to drive it forward. I have just discovered your blogs via an email from Andy Wright. I am interested to know if you have any seminars /training days coming up in the southwest. I am based in Somerset and apparently customer gathering is not that high in these parts. I’m about to change that.


    Andrew Cunningorth

  • It took me some time to find my optium location so I will start my statistical survey from May 1st.
    Customers: 4 (all Gold Status)
    Distributors: Nil (Though I have 4 that are still conversing).
    Appointments next week: 4
    Calls to follow up: 25

    I emphasise that this is solely from soliciting myself in a carpark. I have others through normal means!

    Are these statistics earth shattering? Probably not, some of the big boys and girls may laugh at them. The hard fact is that I have 4 customers at no real cost that I would never had got otherwise.

    Must dash because Saturday is a ripe fishing day, lots of families in the car park.


  • Hi John

    I enjoyed your cold-market academy training in Gloucestershire. So far I have done three half-hour stints in Summertown, North Oxford. No customers yet but figures look promising and I will let you know the details when I have done a few more and got some customers.

    The reason for the contact is that you mentioned a computer management/database system you use to keep records and I can’t find the note I made… I’d be very grateful if you would let me know what it is.

    Kind regards


  • John Passmore:

    Hi Jane,
    It’s called ACT! from Sage. I’ll admit it is expensive but it is very good. I get it from who don’t do anything else and offer their own training. Also I use to link it to my phone – although I believe Sage now offer their own version of that.
    Best regards

  • John Passmore:

    Hi Rob,
    It was great to see you zooming around practising the prize draw. I think everyone got a big kick out of meeting someone who won’t let anything stop them building their dreams. I look forward to seeing you on stage at one of our major events soon.
    Best regards

  • Dear John

    We are Team Leaders based in Grappenhall near Warrington and on the 5th July we attended John Passmores Cold Market Academy course in Knutsford with one of our team members Tony Jones.

    We have been practising CMA every day bar 3 days since 5th July and this is what we have achieved: 4 x Five service customers 1 x Four service customer and One x one service customer.

    We have used the script that John provided most of the time, however, we have made appointments without using all of the script because sometimes we “forgot our lines” but the main thing for us is we talk to people face to face and it works.

    John telephoned me yesterday (Monday 30th July) evening at 5.40pm. I was surprised to hear it was John and I explained to John that we were doing CMA right this minute in a little village on our way to our team meeting near Manchester.

    At the team meeting Paul Greenough and Mark D’Souza invited us to talk about our success in using CMA to other team members. We have also been asked to explain CMA to Darren & Jane Turners team. (We went to see how Darren & Jane run team meetings) We have also been out with our own team members to their local areas and done CMA ‘on their turf’ as the main thing for us in doing CMA is that it only takes 30/40 minutes and you come back with a new list of contacts and appointments which is 100% duplicatable for anyone who wants to try it.

    We have logged every single minute of our CMA activity along with all other stats (As taught by John on the CMA course) and I am proud to say that my record of No’s is presently 102 which I achieved on the 24th July from 4pm to 5.30pm in Stockton Heath village, however Heather got 75 that day as she spent ten minutes talking to her hairdresser about the UWDC business who just happened to walk by.

    We find any time or day works. What we also find is that we can fit this into our own schedule. If we fancy a cycle in the sun, we do so in our shorts on a sunday afternoon and we find that we can meet other professional people, Solicitors, accountants, etc who are also out cycling in their shorts. At other times on our way to meetings or appointments we will be wearing suits and we find that works very well too.

    We are going out with team members this Wednesday to do CMA with them and to help them build their UWDC business and help us to achieve our own goals.

    To conclude we have a continual stream of people that enter our pipeline on a daily basis and this is something that works anywhere and does not require any planning. Just get your clipboard walk out the door and talk to people simple and very effective and costs you nothing.

    We have some major goals to achieve before MAD and we will be helping our team to achieve their goals and see them build their own UWDC business.

    All you need is a big smile and……… “Here you are you can win a car or ten thousand pounds”

    Kind regards

    Bill Allen & Heather Halls

  • mark hill:

    Hi John,
    I hope very much that although there will be no more seminars, that you will continue to publish your blog. It is both inspirational and a jolly good read, and life would be poorer without it.

    Mark HIll

  • John Passmore:

    Oh yes, the blog continues!

  • Hello John,

    Just stumbled upon your blog and loved it! I am visiting the UK from Beverly Hills, California (born and bred in Balckburn Lancashire) and would love to chat. I just recently published a couple of books on Amazon designed to help Network Marketing Professionals. Here’s the link Maybe we can work together in some way. Please get back to me ASAP, I will only be in the UK until the end of July. Cheers!

  • Carol Mehtab:

    Hello John, I joined in May of this year so I am a newbie, my friend and fellow purple solider shared a link to your blog with me and I just want to say I love it. I have only read your latest two entries as it is getting late and I need to wake up and jump back onto the ferris wheel in the morning but I am hooked. May have to start a blog of my own.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm regards

    Carol Mehtab

  • John Passmore:

    Hi Paul,
    Sorry, I’ve just seen your comment (and ordered your book) I expect you’re back in The States now. Our telephone expert in this country is Andy Waring so it will be interesting to read your take on the subject. I’ll let you know how I get on. Best regards, John

  • Great article.

    Also visit my weeb blog baldness; Leila,

  • I’ve just got back from my first prize draw since reading John’s book and watching the video.

    I felt nervous to start with but applied the simple script I had learned.

    Within 3 hours and 12 minuates (yes, I did track the time), I had spoken to 100 people, filled in 10 forms, booked 5 appointments and had 3 call backs requested.

    I’m actually looking forward to doing this again next week.

    Thanks John

  • Tony:

    As i have said to you in the past John, i am a keen reader of your cold market Academy blogg. After my 15 minute prize draw the other day in the freezing cold, howling wind. Speaking to 31 and not getting a single response. Partly because my voice was starting to slur as it froze up. Now today although it was pouring with rain all day and still blowing a howling gale i needed to get out and see my window cleaning customers the moment the rain stopped, which did’nt leave much time for my prize draw. In fact i gave it 3 minutes. I spoke to one person and got a call back. So I got back in car and rushed off to clean windows before it rained again. Now i don’t normally like call backs, because they usually tell me they are not interested. But this one was different, because she rang me and said i want to know more. So i am seeing her lunch time on Monday. So i am going to have to say to you John, can you get an appointment in less the 3 minutes from our prize draw? haha Tony

  • Tony:

    Good afternoon John. You might like to know i have just signed up the 3 minute cold market appointment to Double gold and 32 light bulbs. So perhaps your wife would like to know, they don’t all cancel. Hehe. I think i owe you a drink in exchange for your inspiration. Regards Tony

  • John Passmore:

    Well I just got one in three minutes too – appointment for Thursday evening. I would have gone on but then it started to rain.

  • Tony:

    Hello John. I see you hav’nt written anything in your blog since the 15th of December, and i was starting to wonder if you are ok? I have set my self a challenge for 2016 to cycle from St Augustine in Florida to San Diego California, this coming year. Apart from the obvious physical challenges, there will be a time problem as USA only give out 3 month visas. As the trip is approx 3000 miles, i will need to do about 33 miles a day, every day. Which might be ok in Lytham or Ipswich, but not so easy in Arizona or climbing over the Rocky Mountains. So I have decided to ride round the coast of Great Britain first to warm up. If i leave Scotland out that will be about the same distance. As i will be living in a tent most of the time, i have moved out of my house and i am now living in my Citreon Piccasso. Which is about the same size until Easter when i start my trip. The reason i am telling you this is that in the world of Net Work Marketing we say this is a business that you can operate from home…….. so what if you don’t have a home. So my other challenge for this year is: IS IT POSSIBLE TO CYCLE 33 MILES A DAY, FIND SOMEWHERE TO SLEEP AND INCREASE THE SIZE OF MY NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS, AT THE SAME TIME USING YOUR TRIED AND TESTED “COLD MARKET STREET PRIZE DRAW”. I will keep you posted after Easter. Yet again, I hope you are well. Regards Tony

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