MLM Prize Draw

 If your friends and family didn’t want to know about your MLM/Network Marketing business, you need to start talking to people you don’t know.

You could join a business Networking Group or you could set up a stall at a weekend charity event – or you could contrive to get into a conversation with strangers and hope they won’t notice you have an ulterior motive…

Or you could do this:

And then you could do this…

Because that’s what you need to do isn’t it? Just meet lots and lots of people and collect their contact details.

And then all you’ve got to do is ask them if they’re interested in what you’ve got.

Like this…

…or this:

…or both!


Let’s review what you just saw: That was me there – an old man who’s not remotely attractive, with no banners or billboards – in fact, nothing but a few sheets of home-printed paper offering a very modest prize.

And yet time after time people stopped and gave me their details – and two of them, as you witnessed, agreed that I could visit them at home and show them my presentation.

This is what I do every day. You can see the results on the home page going back years and years – just half an hour a day will get me five new leads – that’s 25 a week (with weekends off). Or to put it another say, 100 a month, 1,200 a year.

Would your business benefit from 1,200 new people to talk to every year?

You can do it too. It’s really not that difficult. In fact, it’s a knack. You just have to learn it and then practise it.

And I’ve been teaching this for years – first of all in seminars called The Cold Market Academy… and then, when my company objected because they employed me as a trainer and this was a conflict of interest, the Academy went online.

And all over the world there are graduates of the Cold Market Academy making this a part of their daily routine. Because, as you can see from the comments below, it works.

So I’ve written a book. It’s called MLM, Network Marketing and the Secret of the Free Prize Draw and you can buy it very cheaply on Amazon.

Just click the cover and read a sample:








See how it worked for other people…

43 Responses to “MLM Prize Draw”

  • Julie Treneer:

    booked today – really looking forward to the event!! Coming up from Cornwall! 🙂

  • Nick Doggett:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the best value 20 quid I’ve ever spent!

    What a fantastic day, the company should adopt this as a standard training day!

    I won’t be able to work out my work shifts until later in March, but if all is well I hope to see you again for the Wetherby academy, it would be nice if you could do another one further south (preferably in Kent or Sussex!)

    If anyone is thinking about going to Wetherby get booked up now, this is essential and not to be missed I’m recommending this to everyone.

    Oh and one more thing, John’s CD is well worth purchasing as well.

    All the very best and thanks again


  • Hi John
    Yet another wonderful day, the usual JP mix of information, education and fun. Keep up the good work – see you in Norwich or Ipswich. Have already printed my assessment cards!!!!

  • What an absolutely fantastic day, well worth not only the £20 but also the 300 mile round trip to get there.

    If you’re thinking about going to Wetherby then stop thinking and just go!!

    Thanks John

  • Had a great day. Useful on many levels. On their own the Top Tips at the end made the journey worthwhile. Well worth every penny.

    Thanks John

  • Hi John. Many many thanks for yesterday. Amazing and great fun. A must for anyone one who wants to get on in the business who has exhausted their warm market etc. I feel sure it will be useful for any one doing Win-a-Mini anywhere Many thanks, would love to go to another but unfortunatley can not make Weaherby.
    Thanks again. Chris Pullen

  • I was so impressed by the concept of the cold market academy; I heavily promoted the event to my team. For me this event may be more important than the company’s annual events such as Express Day and Mad day because of the impact it will have on your business.

    By applying the simple yet very practical techniques that I learned on the cold market academy and the fact that I can apply these in small pockets of time I find throughout the day which may normally be wasted; I am virtually assured that I will qualify for my Mini, qualify for the share options and qualify for all future company promotions (as long as I apply what has been taught consistently).

    What I am even more excited about is replicating this throughout my team in order to help them reach their goals and dreams.
    For me, this is potentially a life changing concept and could not recommend it highly enough.

  • Thought I would send you my stats from my first go using your technique

    35mins in Swaffham (today it got cold towards the end), 25 no’s, 1 completed form and wanted a call with info, 2 completed forms and booked appointments.

    AMAZING. Thank you very much for sharing

  • Printing off reverse sides of WAM forms, will be out there in Diss, Debenham this week end..

    Excellent CD john

  • On a high after the Company’s Annual Conference. Had a fitful night’s sleep. The excitement is not just because of the great news and deals available but because I KNOW that with the Passmore Master Plan I will be passing this on to not 10s of people but 100s.
    My stats in 2 weeks: 180 “No’s”; 50 Completed forms; 9 Callbacks; 6 Appointments. Four of these appointments want to be in my business.
    Off to the Car Park… I have 1000 new Prize draw forms to fill in.
    Thank You John. Oh for those sceptics out there IT REALLY DOES NOT WORK.

  • Nick Doggett:

    Hello again John,

    I have been doing street WAMs with success similar to your own statistics, but on Saturday I had my best day ever at a company WAM where I managed 5 appointments and 12 positive callbacks. The most I have achieved in the past is 2 appointments and 6 callbacks.

    Therefore I can only echo Ruscombe Smyth-Pigott and repeat to the sceptics – IT REALLY DOES NOT WORK!

    Thanks yet again


  • Frank Thompson:

    Hi John,

    Could I just say a massive thanks to you for yesterday’s seminar at Wetherby. I have always used the WAM forms both in my day job and on stalls and even on other what I would have called ‘odd occasions’ but now I have no hesitation using them well just about anywhere! But the top thing I got from the day was that it was right back to basics again! Why do we try to make it technical when simple will do and it keeps it easy for the customer as well!

    Great stuff John – keep it up and look forward to listening to your humour again sometime.

    Best regards

    Frank & Donna Thompson

  • Hi John

    A big thank you to you from Andy and I for the seminar in Wetherby yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it – even the role play which I really hate.

    This week will see us trying this method for the first time. We’re confident if we stick to the scripts and follow the advice you gave us that we will succeed.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope this posts on your site – when I’ve tried previously it hasn’t worked but also enjoyed listening to you CD for the umpteenth time again tonight. Currently you’re up there in my favourites along with the late great Jim Rohn. I’m failing my way to success too I hope!

    Kind regards,


  • Hi John,

    Just wanted to add my own thanks for a fantastic days training at Wetherby and for all the scripts and tips you shared with us – probably the best £20 I’ve spent – and your gold nuggets at the very end were more than worth the long trip up North!

    I shall be sharing these fantastic tips and scripts with my own team and encouraging them all to book on your Gloucester event.

    Just got my brand new WAM forms in the post this morning and really looking forward to hitting the streets next week!

    Best wishes,

    Martin & Dorothy Louden

  • Just to say thank you for a great training session in Ipswich yesterday. I found the whole day very informative with very practical tips to put into use immediately. I am going to copy your idea and collate my data so I can show my team my stats.

    Kind Regards


  • Katie Nash:

    A great day at Ipswich on Monday – took a lot of notes, most of which I understand! 🙂 I’m still practicing (with the cat) and I will be starting to implement your teaching next Monday, in a local town – as long as the forms get here in time! Will let you know how I get on.

    Best Wishes

  • Hi John

    I wanted to say a huge well done for today, i have worked in network marketing for many years & trained with many of the best & paying a small fortune in my time. Todays training was fun,upbeat & more important I came away with the scriptS you have tried & tested which will result yeild lots of customers just in time for the new holiday promotion

    Many many thanks
    Marian Townsend
    Group Leader

  • Hi John,

    Quick note to say thanks for a great day in glorious Gloucester today. Learnt loads and will be putting all of it into practice, not to mention strongly advising my team to get to one of your days. £20 and 260 round trip worth every penny.

    For all those who ask themselves….what do you say when someone says xyz to you…..this is a must see!

    Thanks very much John

  • Stuart & Joanne Harrison:

    Hi John,
    We finally managed to get to the Academy after no-shows twice! We have already been trying a few things out by studying your blog. We know what our averages are etc. But we really loved your training yesterday and the real jewel in the crown are the scripts and the Golden Nuggets!
    The Cold Marketing Academy is a must for everyone!
    Thank you John, see you again soon!

  • Hi John,

    Had a fantastic day yesterday. I have been and purchased my planner today and intend to put into practice all you have shared.

    Keep up with the blog.

    Many thanks


  • Hi John
    What a brilliant day yesterday! I have just spent 30 minutes at Borehamwood, asked 107 filled in 2 WAM and got 1 appointment. 🙂
    Your videos and the role play yesterday made it easy to get over any fear of approaching the cold market! Will let you know if I get a better excuse than the pigs trotters in the library.
    Many thanks


  • Hi John,
    Superb cold Market Academy in Gloucester.A breath of fresh air. A skilled practionioner of words who operates with integrety and does`nt like to decieve his customers.
    Simon Warner

  • Julie Davies:

    Dear John,
    Thank you VERY much indeed for a marvelloous day last Sunday at the Cold Market Academy. It has been so helpful. I spent some time learning the script, but still had not really mastered it, but decided to go out and “have a go” on the streets of Bradford-on-Avon. I took the script with me and with trepidation started to approach passers by and also went into a couple of shops where I am known. Within 30 minutes I was reading out from the script to them and got 3 appointments. We have had an appointment with one lady already and she wants to be a customer after she and her husband move house in August and say they will look at the services for their shop too! So this has given me a lot of confidence. I think your script is a very clever one and it is most kind of you to share it with us all. I love the pigs trotters in the library excuse! Many thanks again, Julie

  • John
    Your blog details were passed to me via my upline and I have just been reviwing your blogs/ comments etc.
    Thank ypu , as there have been takeaways there I had not considered and having seen you at the company events and I have always been enthused at your speeches.
    Thankyou and have a good day. I am taking my biz cards and folder on holiday this wednesday to cyprus, hey you never know who you will talk to
    all the best

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for a fantastic workshop in Knutsford ( 5th July ). We have been practicing the scripts with our team and “went live” for the first time at the Metro Centre (Gateshead) just before the Pizza Tuesday gathering.
    We were all very nervous but once we stepped out of our comfort zone for the first prospect it became easier for the next. We all want to thank you again for the hard work that you have put in developing this great customer gathering technique.
    All the best
    Chris & John

  • Hello John.

    I came on your course several weeks ago in South Manchester. A really good fun day. But could i do it on my own? I am a very nervous fellow, I shy away from speaking to anyone out of my comfort zone, unless i really have to. So talking to total strangers on a street corner was going to be a real challenge to me.

    The first two days, I stood in the street with my book in my hand, and spoke…….. to nobody. I just couldnt open my mouth.

    The third day I recitied your speech to 5 people and they all said no, so i scurred off back to my car.

    The following day I thought i will approach it in a slightly different way. The more names i can get on the sheets, the more chances i have of winning the mini myself. I chose a different town and stood outside the library. 4.30pm. 15 minutes. Asked 12. Filled in 4 Forms. And as a bonus got 1 Appointment. I made a point of putting my hand on my black diary and saying “You do want me to call, and please call me if you have to go out”. I went to the appointment today……………………and she wasnt there. Still i did get her name on the sheet, so one nearer to my car.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you very much again for sharing your experiences on your blog. I personnally think that you are one of the most inspiring distributors U/W has.


    Tony Wallis

  • Hi John

    Further update to our recent success….. Heather and I signed up a four service customer today and her son was with us during our presentation. He asked us what do we get out of it? One Martini later he signed up as a Distributor and is booked for his GSS course next week.

    7pm this evening we gave a presentation to another CMA customer (Met her in Stockton Heath ) and she signed up for four services and will be checking with her mobile provider as she is paying over £40 a month for her mobile and may add a mobile to her order.

    We are off with two team members tomorrow to spread the CMA technique and we have more appointments lined up with new potential customers for the rest of the week.

    We are aiming for the “Top Five” and we will beat our previous best by a country mile……:)

    Bill & Heather

  • Tony wallis:

    Hello Both.

    Thought you might be interested. After reading your blog, john. About your 2 hour street wam, i thought i would go out and see how the figures would compare from a novice to yourself.

    I stood in lytham high street on Monday afternoon at 3.30pm for 60 minutes and spoke to 49 people. got 9 forms filled in (9 nearer my car), 3 call backs and 1 appointment. Ive just been to the appointment and the lady signed up to gas, elect, landline and a cash back card……………………………..I got to say im rather proud of myself.

    I still found it hard not to pre-judge who i asked. But i guess that will come with time and experience.

    Thanks again for the tuition John. By the way i have recieved your CD now. You put over a great story.

    Dont worry i’m not going to email you everytime i get acustomer.


    Tony Wallis

  • I attended MAD on Sunday 16th and very much enjoyed John’s presentation on WAM with a difference.
    Monday morning, I organised myself beforehand and went out doing WAM with a difference door to door on the way to my son’s play group at 10am, making use of the spare 45mins I had.
    I binned my old script which was not working and used some of the key messages and phrases from John’s. Out of about 18 doors I got 16 No’s, making me £800 richer towards shares/holiday etc (a great positive way of looking at a No) and 2 yes’s, resulting in 2 appointments for Friday morning.
    I now plan to do this a minimum of 2 mornings a week, and if it fits well, to up it where possible, so I can achieve my TL & 50+ by Xmas!!!

  • I posted a comment last week following John’s presemtation at MAD. I have made 6 appointments now by doing half an hour of door to door on the way to playgroup and an hour outside my local spar. So if anyone is thinking of doing this as a method of gathering customers, just do it. It really does work! I have a 100% hit rate on the appointments I have done so far with 3 more this week. It could be the difference between getting the holiday or not. My drive is 50+ by Xmas. 11 needed and counting down!!!

  • Mark Ellwood:

    Just a quick thank you for telling us about the Cold Market Academy at MAD. After a summer of lack lustre and very wet, paid for W-A-M’s It was just what I needed and I attended your course in Knutsford last Tuesday
    As Big Al would say I’m quite a green personality so it took some considerable effort to get on the street today. But in 30 minutes I spoke to 23 people got 1 appointment and 1 call back.
    Regardless of the eventual result I’m delighted.

  • Louise Woods:

    HI John,
    Just a very quick thank you for our Cold MArketing Academy Course yesterday at Wetherby. It was a really great day and left me confident enough to go out and try it for myself today. So in 29 minutes I got 50 No’s, 1 Appointment and 1 callback. Not bad for a first-timer! Going out again tomorrow.
    I would recommend your course to anyone who may be struggling with their friends and family network or anyone who wants to overcome their fear of approaching the ‘cold-market’. Thanks again.

  • Hi John, Your system is UNBELEIVABLE AWESOME!
    Only went on the course yesterday.
    Put it into action lunchtime today –
    12 nos and then a callback – 8 mins
    2 nos and then an appointment – 4 mins
    0 nos and then an appointment – 3 mins

    TWO appointments and ONE callback in just 15 MINS!!!

    HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???? I have attended several WAMs in the past and never got one single appointment from them!

    During the last three months I have been letterboxing and following up and got absolutely ZILCH!!

    John, thank you – you are a genius – but better than that, you can actually teach the stuff you do so anyone can do it.

  • Hi John, Please let me know when you be running your course in Wetherby again. PS Enjoyed the CD Airport cat very funny! thanks Phil Masters

  • Hi John

    Just bought the MP3 download, are you doing any Courses in the future


    Really encouraged

    Harry Jacobson

  • Hi John

    Ordered the package last Saturday the book watched the vids…almost finsihed the audio.


    Well recommended.

    And thank you for the informal chat.


  • For anyone who has tried what they’re company has taught on training and it didnt work. I highly recommend they at least try this method.

    I have been doing Free Prize draws with my company for about a year now, but in the last couple of months since trying John’s method. My results have increased dramatically.

    So much so that I have taught this very same method to my team and others within my local area who have been struggling.

    But I can go on for days about my results, but I won’t.

    So why not try it for yourself and see the results for yourself!

    Heres to your success,

    All the best,


  • I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educational and interesting, and let
    me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something
    that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. Now I’m very happy I
    came across it in my hunt for something relating to this.

  • All of these products are fantastic and I’m very grateful to John for developing them. They are of tremendous value and well worth a small price to buy the whole set.

    I joined the world of network marketing a little over a year ago. Perhaps for some people it was an easy thing to begin, but I certainly didn’t find it so. And yet the genius of the model is obvious (to those who see it) and it is clear that some people are having enormous success and transforming their lives through network marketing, and the company I now work with, that I made a decision that I have to make a serious go at learning it and putting it into practice.

    My previous profession of many years, was as a showman, and in this world things which are very difficult are made to look easy by people who have spent many hours rehearsing to perform a routine which is tightly choreographed but appears spontaneous.

    I therefore set out to become a student of the profession so that I could learn how to do it as well as people who make it look effortless.

    John clearly worked very hard to become successful himself which has allowed him gain deep insights into the psychology of Network Marketing to cold markets. I’ve never read such a clear guide to meeting people in the public sphere as John’s book.

    I feel much more confident that I will perform my role with skill and build a enormous successful network marketing business.

    Thank you John.

    (Poor grammar and spelling courtesy of iPhone dictation).

  • Jonathan Kemp:

    This is a fantastic programme. John demonstrates a very clever, duplicatable system which is broken down into simple, easy steps. This is everything you need to tap into the truly massive Cold Market. Never again will you worry about those friends and family who say no. So many people say the Cold Market is scary. Not if you’re armed with John’s secrets!

  • Philip Harrison:

    We had a fantastic session with John yesterday. He has a great insight into how network marketing works. Many home truths provide greater confidence in helping you to build your business. John highlights the difficulties encountered in building a big business and shows how these can be overcome. What is particularly interesting is his approach in overcoming problems with friends and family. I shall certainly be adopting his approach to customer gathering from now on. I encourage anybody to follow his blog, subscribe to his online course and attends his sessions.

  • Jeannie:

    I was on the day course in December. To be honest I didn’t feel like going ,I was very behind with my Xmas shopping and the venue was miles away.
    Well ,it one of the best days ever !I strongly recommend every distributor partakes. I guarantee you’ll learn much more than you bargained for.I found John Passmore extremely amusing, and so helpful. I drove home that day feeling most up beat , and am now looking forward to pure cold ‘selling’ a la Passmore ! With many thanks and Happy New Year

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Eventually this spawned a training programme which I called The Cold Market Academy. This began as a seminar available only to MLM-ers working with my company. Then it went online as an e-learning course.
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